Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pearls, Inc. do?

We reach out to women in the sex industry.  Our purpose is to show God's grace and unconditional love.  One way we do this is by going into strip clubs and bringing gift bags and messages of love.  We believe this is our mission field and that we are called to go where the church has not traditionally gone.

Aren't you concerned about safety?

We know that safety is a concern.  We take precautions by praying and relying on the Holy Spirit's direction.

What type of gifts do you bring the dancers?

The gift bags include items that any girl would like such as scented lotion, make-up, nail polish, hair accessories, candy, etc. 

How is bringing gifts helping them?

Bringing gifts is not necessarily "helping them," but Proverbs 18:16 encourages us that "our gift will make a way for us." The gifts are a way to show the love of Jesus with no strings attached.

Are you not condoning what they are doing by bringing them gifts?

No.  Our job is not to judge, only love. It is the Holy Spirit's job, not ours, to convict people's hearts. Romans 2:4 states that, "it's the kindness of God that leads to true repentance."  We hope that by our example that fellow Christians will begin to love with the love of Christ and "drop their stones."

Aren't you worried about the appearance of evil?

No. Jesus was also criticized for "touching the untouchables". Unfortunately, the mindset of not interacting with people based on what they do or how they rank in the appearance of evil is the same religious mindset that helped to kill Jesus. We are called to be right in the middle of a hurting world.  However, we would never intentionally cause "anyone to stumble" by what we do but we cannot be immobilized by fear of criticism.

Do you think that the women may be offended if you come and feel like you are being condescending?

We do not go with a mindset of superiority or pity.  We were saved by Grace and not by anything we did on our own. Gifts, friendliness, and love without judgement or requirements seem to be very effective breaking down walls of distrust.  Sometimes there is an initial suspicion but we have never had a dancer be offended by our presence.

Aren't you afraid that the club managers will be suspicious or that the bouncers will kick you out?

It is expected that the club managers will be suspicious.  We let them know that we are there simply to bring gifts to the dancers.  We even bring gifts for the managers too!  We believe that God is the one in charge of opening and closing doors and we trust Him.

If these girls seem to like what they are doing, why would they need anything from you?

We are not saying that they need the gifts from us.  But, the research shows that 89% of women in the sex industry would leave if they could.  We want to be a supportive and loving presence in their lives.

Are you telling them to leave the industry?

We will not force help on anyone or tell them what to do.  In the clubs, our only agenda is showing love. They are all given various ways to contact us outside the club and we will refer or offer resources to anyone who reaches out to us and has a genuine desire to make a life change. 

Do you give the dancers your contact information?

Yes.  We always include the name of our organization, a phone number, and email address in the gift bag. They are encouraged to contact us at anytime. Even if they just want to chat.

What will you do if someone calls your number?

We will talk with them and if they are willing to give us their contact information then we will send them a care package that includes books or other resources intended to let them see their value and purpose.

Are you giving the women the gospel?

This is largely a seed-sowing ministry.  People can tell if you have the "I'm here to convert you" attitude and they may become suspicious of your authenticity. Since our focus is on building relationship and trust, we do not pass out tracks or "preach" to the girls in the club.  This does not mean that God will not use our interactions to reveal Himself to them.

 The girls know that we are "those church ladies" who give them gifts, are kind, and tell them messages of God's love.  We believe that God will open their hearts and eyes, whether we see it or not. Connections outside the club will provide more opportunities to share the gospel.  It is certainly our prayer that God will show us the fruit and that we can be active participants in the restoration process of any women He leads to us.

Do you have plans to help a woman if she does want out of the industry?

 If a woman has a desire to leave the industry, we will offer our assistance. If she is in need of housing we have several residential programs that we can refer her to.  If housing is not a concern, we will assess her needs and utilize existing community resources to assist her.  In her transition, we would invite her to women's groups that offer a safe place for non-judgmental support and further nurturing.

Are men needed to volunteer for this ministry?

Yes!  Men are needed to pray for us and for the dancers during the outreach. Well, they are need to pray for us anytime!

Donations are also needed on an ongoing basis.  However, men DO NOT go into the clubs with us!!!!! 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email anytime.

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